I can’t believe this song is from the 70’s – its cool and incredibly thick synth sound is pure 80’s magic for me. I adore this kind of music, it seems to embody a simplicity and a repetitive pattern that agrees well with my brain! And I refuse to be ashamed of that. Here you go, Gary Numan and Cars for your audio pleasure


My father was young and happy in the 60’s, admittedly an astonishing era of music, and consequently never moved on to the 70’s and beyond. I’m pretty sure he thinks Coldplay is a kind of toothpaste. I’m named after an obscure Beatles song and a lot of my childhood was set to swinging 60’s pop classics. Though I never learned that many band or track names, the music itself has stuck with me to this day. And so when I stumble upon this beauty it’s just an amazing yet oddly anachronistic nostalgia attack!