In a world where music is available on a multitude of platforms, making lists of music on Youtube is my choice of maintaining some sort of order in that chaos. I used to have tapes, then CD’s. Now I have sold most of my CD’s, but saved the ones that have sentimetal value. And I have inherited my aunts collection of vinyls adding yet another type of media to my life. Itunes is too restrictive, while Spotify and other services are too expensive. So now I don’t own music any more than I own other types of information. It’s all in the cloud… A strange feeling of liberty and restraint at the same time. Because I have access to so much it feels too overwhelming to even begin to systematize it. And besides, so much new music emerges every day that I could never keep up anyway. So I go through life randomnly sampling music from the sources I have: the radio, festivals and friends. It’s been a while since Absolute Music set the order of the day!