Is it pretentious to have an opinion about a famous person’s character? The short answer is “yes”. The longer answer is “yeeeeees”. But after reading Marc Spitz’ Bowie biography, cleverly titled “Bowie: A Biography”, I got mad at both Spitz and Bowie. The book portrays Bowie as a self-absorbed little man who is willing to try any style of music just to break through and achieve money and fame. And I bought into that image for a while. But then I listened to the music again and I figured, what the hell does it matter whether Bowie is self-absorbed or not? He’s not my fucking relative or friend. Why even read a biography at all? The music doesn’t get any less amazing or any more amazing for that matter. So I’m done with that and quite content to sing/shout to the lovely music of “Heroes”, a song that touches me because of Bowies urgent sense of delivery – and that is art.


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