Is it pretentious to have an opinion about a famous person’s character? The short answer is “yes”. The longer answer is “yeeeeees”. But after reading Marc Spitz’ Bowie biography, cleverly titled “Bowie: A Biography”, I got mad at both Spitz and Bowie. The book portrays Bowie as a self-absorbed little man who is willing to try any style of music just to break through and achieve money and fame. And I bought into that image for a while. But then I listened to the music again and I figured, what the hell does it matter whether Bowie is self-absorbed or not? He’s not my fucking relative or friend. Why even read a biography at all? The music doesn’t get any less amazing or any more amazing for that matter. So I’m done with that and quite content to sing/shout to the lovely music of “Heroes”, a song that touches me because of Bowies urgent sense of delivery – and that is art.


My father was young and happy in the 60’s, admittedly an astonishing era of music, and consequently never moved on to the 70’s and beyond. I’m pretty sure he thinks Coldplay is a kind of toothpaste. I’m named after an obscure Beatles song and a lot of my childhood was set to swinging 60’s pop classics. Though I never learned that many band or track names, the music itself has stuck with me to this day. And so when I stumble upon this beauty it’s just an amazing yet oddly anachronistic nostalgia attack!