Daria was the coolest show when I was a teenager. She grew out of the epic “Beavis and Butthead” animated series on MTV and created a world a bit more relateable for a girl. For those of us, who spent our teen years more as observers than participants, she could provide the kind of beliveable rolemodel that someone like me needed. I wasn’t much like Daria myself though, I was much more vulnerable to peer pressure and low self esteem that I cared to admit. I think I identified more with Jane, who, while still being a cynicist, could also enjoy life and be sociable. However, nobody puts perspective on life’s harsh realities like Daria: “If the Emperor looks naked, the Emperor is naked.” Basic truths that we all need to be reminded of from time to time. I enjoyed the first seasons the most, particularily “Through a lense darkly” where Daria is confronted with her own vanity and “Quinn the Brain” where Daria has to experience her daft little sister steal her role as the school’s “brain”… Also good episodes to begin with if you have never seen “Daria”!


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