Russell Brand is the sort of comedian that is in serious danger of putting style over substance because he his look is so essential to his brand (no pun intendend). But he just doesn’t. In fact, he comes across as completely authentic and warm person. I am quite enamoured by him! I think it’s his ability to create satire based on sharp observations of human behavior. He even throws in some really well placed Foucault! I think I might consider jouining his cult of yoga and lots and lots of sex! 😉


In a world where music is available on a multitude of platforms, making lists of music on Youtube is my choice of maintaining some sort of order in that chaos. I used to have tapes, then CD’s. Now I have sold most of my CD’s, but saved the ones that have sentimetal value. And I have inherited my aunts collection of vinyls adding yet another type of media to my life. Itunes is too restrictive, while Spotify and other services are too expensive. So now I don’t own music any more than I own other types of information. It’s all in the cloud… A strange feeling of liberty and restraint at the same time. Because I have access to so much it feels too overwhelming to even begin to systematize it. And besides, so much new music emerges every day that I could never keep up anyway. So I go through life randomnly sampling music from the sources I have: the radio, festivals and friends. It’s been a while since Absolute Music set the order of the day!

And he does music videos too! I adore the way he completely hijacks the conversation with his messed up thinking. He does the “awkward nerd” like no one else in The IT Crowd and does a hilariously disgruntled shaman in The Mighty Boosh. Ayoade studied at Cambridge with John Oliver from the Daily Show and their brand of British humour is obviously similar – it’s all about realising how absurd life is and druly pointing it out. Like the little boy who realised that yes, that emperor is motherfucking naked. I love it! 

Who would have thought that disco music could be so incredibly cool and sexy? Vinnie Who has that ability. I know that the entire country is all crazy about the fact that Prince is giving a concert at Skanderborg Festival today, but frankly I’m more envious about missing Vinnie Who’s concert there today. I guess I’m off to find out when he does a concert in my region!

Is it pretentious to have an opinion about a famous person’s character? The short answer is “yes”. The longer answer is “yeeeeees”. But after reading Marc Spitz’ Bowie biography, cleverly titled “Bowie: A Biography”, I got mad at both Spitz and Bowie. The book portrays Bowie as a self-absorbed little man who is willing to try any style of music just to break through and achieve money and fame. And I bought into that image for a while. But then I listened to the music again and I figured, what the hell does it matter whether Bowie is self-absorbed or not? He’s not my fucking relative or friend. Why even read a biography at all? The music doesn’t get any less amazing or any more amazing for that matter. So I’m done with that and quite content to sing/shout to the lovely music of “Heroes”, a song that touches me because of Bowies urgent sense of delivery – and that is art.